Though Pablo Picasso was not a Frenchman, we need to check if he ever got French nationality (Wikipedia? Siri? Help us!) considering how much of his life was spent in France and with French women; however, Picasso’s first wife and longest running legal marriage was to Olga Picasso, a Russian ballerina he met way back in the day before anyone knew who he was. The namesake museum in Paris is holding a fascinating exhibition on the life of the little known Olga before, during, and after her encounter with Picasso. A ballerina who left her country on the brink of civil war and political revolution, this young woman was a successful and accomplished talented dancer who became the wife and mother of Picasso’s children. With the decomposing of their marriage was also the decomposing form of Olga as painted or sketched by Picasso, a narrative that the exhibition makes sure to focus on and captures quite well to showcase the human tragedies and problems that befall us all. The exhibition runs until the first week of September.

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