For a tiny royal principality on the southern coast of France, Monaco packs a real punch! The natural beauty is abundant, palm trees, deep blue seas and of course the well heeled glitterati who are sitting pretty on their billion dollar yachts! Upscale hotels, designer boutiques and shiny champagne bars! Having money in Monaco is most definitely helpful! Alternatively, set up camp in Nice and take the 30 minute train journey to Monaco! Make sure you check out our top five things to do! 

  1. Monte Carlo: There is often confusion about Monaco and Monte Carlo, are they not the same thing? The answer is a very simple one! Monte Carlo is a part of Monaco, just like Kensington is part of London…yet even more sparkly! As the wealthiest district in the area, expect beautiful people, wearing beautiful clothes and driving even more beautiful cars. Enjoy fine dining and first class shopping.
  2. Palais Du Prince: Perched high above the sea, the Palais Du Prince is home to the oldest monarchy in the world. If you are lucky enough to visit the area when the Prince is out of town, you will find some of the rooms are open to the public. The Palace also offers fabulous views over the sea.
  3. Casino: A trip to Monaco would not be complete without an obligatory visit to the Casino! You don’t have to be big on gambling to appreciate the casino, filled with chandeliers, marbles and every other symbol of decadence. Come lose all your money and see the breathtaking building and interiors where multiple James Bond films shot their iconic scenes. Come also for the people watching with flashy cars worth more than your retirement savings lined up all around the block. Insider’s Tip: The ground floor bar has the equivalent of a Happy Hour, each day between 6pm and 8pm!
  4. Monaco Harbor: You don’t need a yacht to enjoy a stroll along Monaco Harbour! See and be seen at one of the many pavement cafes! If you really feel like taking to the sea, a catamaran tour departs from Monaco harbour, allowing visitors to view the stunning coastline. You have to wonder who owns all of these magnificent and larger than life yachts, and how to get an invite for a sail around on one.
  5. Jardin Japonais: Visitors will soon realise that Monaco has a penchant for gardens and this particular gem is our favourite! Monaco can get very busy and so this Zen Japanese garden can feel particularly welcoming. Lush vegetation and soothing waterfalls! Relax.
  6. BONUS! There is the Larvotto Beach in Monaco that is fairly small and seclude with sand and jade water, children can be frequently heard hurling insults at their siblings from this beach but since it is in French, it sounds all the cuter.

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