When did you know you wanted to be a fashion photographer? Did you fall into this career naturally or was it a goal you set out to achieve?

 First off I should say I don’t consider myself to be an artist but more of a reporter, even though I do try to include artistic elements in my work.

It really came naturally; I was interested in Fashion and photography, but had very little knowledge about both. I just decided to combine the two and do street style, for fun.

Can you tell us a little bit about your process? What do you look for when setting out to take street style photographs?

I try to get to the show 30min before it starts but it’s not always possible. Then when I shoot, I move around a bit in order to avoid always shooting from the same angle. I really just do a lot of observation, of how people walk and what they wear. My favorite people to shoot usually have a low-key style, but an incredible way of walking and occupying space.

Image Courtesy of Antoine De Almeida

Is street style your favorite thing to photograph or do you have other subjects you’re passionate about?

 Street style is definitely my favorite because it’s so fun to shoot. When the light, the location and the people are great, I could shoot for hours. I also do backstage and editorial sometimes. And I have a point and shoot film camera for when I go out and party.

 What advice would you give an aspiring photographer in Paris?

 Don’t get in front of me while I’m shooting, show some damn respect. There are so many photographers, I see new ones every season. A lot of them lack a sense of respect and it’s SO annoying. Career wise, I guess if you’d like to make it you have to work harder than the others so that your pictures are reposted everywhere and you get clients. That’s what successful photographers around me do. And be open to meet a ton of people.

Image Courtesy of Antoine De Almeida

  Where’s your favorite place in Paris and why?

 I love Paris as a whole; all the neighborhoods are so different… If I had to pick a place I’d say Montmartre and Pigalle.

 Can you tell us your favorite and least favorite part of being a photographer?

 My favorite part is that I meet so many people doing it, it’s just great. And I still have so many yet to meet

My least favorite is WAITING for the shows to be over. It can get super boring.

Image Courtesy of Antoine De Almeida

 Finally, have you got any exciting plans in the works you can share with us?

I’m moving to Berlin this month!! Expect more shots from Berlin people soon!

For more street-style pics you can follow Antoine on his Instagram : antoine.dealmeida


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