There is one time of year where the rooftops of Paris are really readily open for Parisians to come out and play, sip drinks, and take in some of the most breathtaking views of the city – summer! Most rooftops open in May and go on until the end of September, so the sad gap of rooftop-less excursions in the dead of winter really makes the wait worth it. Here are our top three picks for rooftops in town to check out!

  1. Le Perchoir – With three locations in Paris (one in the 3rd arrondissement on top of the BHV Marais, one in the 11th and one in the 10th on top of the train station Gare de l’Est), the Perchoir brand of rooftop bars (pronounced ‘pehr-shhh-wohr’) are the best known in town. Be aware that lines form early and get long to get into the BHV Marais location, and that opening days and hours differ between each location.
  2. Mama Shelter – Located in the 20th arrondissement in the neighborhood known as Belleville, this rooftop is as hip as hip comes. The Mama Shelter brand of hotels has multiple locations worldwide, and the Paris location features a rooftop patio full of the hippest of the hip. As this is a hotel rooftop, expect higher prices for the drinks and the food, though we’ve heard it is delicious. Keep in mind that per their policy, Dinner reservations have to be made the same day from 2pm.
  3. Novotel – The Rue de Vaugirard Novotel in the 15th arrondissement is one of our favorite secret rooftop spots that it hurts to share, but we have to for the greater good. Situated in the residential 15th, there are no lines to get into this rooftop bar and plenty of seating to be found if you go early enough. Catch a stunning sunset over the Eiffel Tower while sharing their delicious planche board of sausage and accompanying cheeses.

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