A picnic on the Seine is a great way to wind down a day, but a rooftop bar on the Seine may be even better. Here are our top three choices for the best boat bars on the Seine (in the Port des Invalides/Quai d’Orsay area) that you must check out this summer before they float away from the 7th arrondissement and your rosé préférée is gone to be replaced by mulled wine.

1) Rosa Bonheur Sur Seine: an offshoot founded by the team behind the Rosa Bonheur situated in the Parc Buttes-Chaumont, this immensely popular floating barge bar is packed to the brims with people. While it seems like the sides of the boat are bursting with action, it’s actually the dancefloor inside that has all the main attractions. With an eclectic lineup of music going from hip hop to blaring wedding music in one swoop (don’t be suprised if you end up in a circle dance), Rosa Bonheur Sur Seine is definitely the most happening boat bar in Paris (say that three times as fast).

2) FLOW Paris: If the humidity of Rosa Bonheur isn’t your thing but you prefer to unwind with a glass of wine and a plate of cheese, then the rooftop at FLOW Paris is your go-to haven situated between the boat bars surronding it. Think of this boat bar as easy listening and easy living; the crowd is older professionals and lacks riff-raff (and the ensuing frenetic energy that comes with it), and thus makes FLOW a good starting bar for the night of boat bar hopping.

3) Faust: if for some reason relating to childhood negligence you find yourself gravitating towards unsatisfying romantic relationships with partners whose careers are in finance, look no further than the boat bar that’s hosted Faust and an innumerable amount of ESSEC, EDHEC, and HEC graduates: Faust. It is not just a mere coincidence that the boat bar most teeming with finance types in Paris is named after the novel in which a person sells their soul to the devil.

As an added bonus, all of these boat bars are literally right next to each other. You can go bar hopping between them with relative ease though keep in mind that the lines at Rosa Bonheur Sur Seine can result in a very long wait just to get inside.

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