Tech Tuesday-RATP


Are you new to Paris or planning a trip to the eternal city of romance soon? Well at some point you will need to use public transport and like with any other major metropolitan city, you will be overwhelmed by the many options available.

To help visitor, tourists and new comers to Paris, the RATP app is the perfect tool. It is like having a companion along that guides you all around the locations of Paris. It will help you to geo-locate trams, the metro, buses or any other form of public transport to get you to your destination in the most efficient and timely manner.

Tech Tuesday – Happn

Are you a hopeless romantic in, or visiting Paris with the hope for finding that someone special! Just imagine an app that shows prospective partners within a certain range or proximity to you. With dating apps galore, finally there is something uniquely wonderful like Happn! From the time it was introduced in Paris, to its debut in New York and London its given competitors a run for their money. While other apps show you prospective partners, Happn goes the extra mile and shows the people you have actually crossed paths with all through the day. Finding love does involve being in the right place at the right time, serendipity as it is known. Happen offers users just that one in a million chance of finding a soul mate. It is free, totally confidential and as trendy as it comes. If you are in Paris and not on Happn well, things…

Tech Tuesday – Selectionnist

In a digital world satiated with apps, there is a refreshing new app for fashionistas of haute couture, the swanky new ‘Selectionist app’. It is an app with a difference, as in the twinkling of an eye, products from the trendiest fashion magazines can be identified and saved for purchase at a later stage. With bespoke customer centric service that helps to swiftly identify customer needs, it will help you meet all your fashion requirements, including accessories in the shortest time possible. So whether you are planning to get ready to spend a night out in town or get chic for a corporate luncheon, Selectionist has all of it and more! It covers all the top fashion, beauty and deco magazines in a single app, something that surpasses all other apps! So whether you want a gown from a Hollywood movie premiere or a fashion accessory from Vogue magazine, everything…

Tech Tuesday – OpenClassrooms

For those looking to continue their education while holding a job, OpenClassrooms offers just the perfect solution – a state recognised bachelor degree that offers open access thanks to MOOC. It has been created in partnership with IESA Multimedia. With three areas of academics to choose from digital marketing, design and engineering, it offers all those who want to work as well as study a terrific opportunity. Of course all the course and projects have to be completed to earn a degree. The only difference with IESA is the course does not have a teacher. If you are working and find it difficult to balance your profession and academics this is just the perfect option. As the degree is recognised all over France, students are able to compete with the best of traditional college educated candidates for the best jobs. Having to juggle between a job and academics can pose…

Tech Tuesday – FlashGap app review

Social media is a lifeline and definitely the next best thing after the Internet. Thanks to a variety of apps, we can now share special or quirky moments with friends across the world. In an age of real-time, we tend to lose out on the element of surprise and the thrill of delayed gratification. Ahem….. not any longer! Whatever your mobile device, Flashgap is here to share group stories in an awesome way! From prank videos to photos, you can share them all with your friends – with time-delay making the anticipation a zillion times more exciting. Just picture the look of surprise on your friends faces, when they get know what you were up to just 12 hours ago! It is easy to join just signup through Facebook or your mobile number. Stay connected and share your priceless moments with Flashgap! It is the gap that makes it worth…

Tech Tuesday – DuoLingo & Pimsleur

Wherever you go, whatever you do, someone in France will gladly correct you. Whatever it takes, or how many repeated pronunciations they make, this person will gladly correct you when trying to speak French between the two of you. This is not only a great opportunity to have your ego taken down a notch, but is a helpful way of continuing to learn the language. However, it is also difficult at times (if not most times), so here are two language learning app suggestions for those of you who’d like to try and learn French on your own time. If classes aren’t an option or not of interest, you have a variety of apps to help you navigate la langue francaise. Commitment is hard. Commitment to learning French conjugations is harder. Yet you should have no fear when venturing into learning French by yourself at home or on your own…