Straight From The Runway – Parisian Sunglasses Trends

Overlooked when compared to ready to wear, sunglasses trends are just as important to keep up with for a seriously on trendy outfit. Here’s the round up of all the trends you should be sporting this Summer in Paris, or anywhere else for that matter. Image Via : Songofstyle Instagram Wooden Frames Image Via : Wooden frames are having a moment right now and it’s not hard to see why. These beauties are great for the environment, look chic and don’t have to eat into your latté budget (although some brands may do!) Many of the wooden styles around at the moment are made from sustainable bamboo so you can shop guilt free and look stylish doing it!  Clear Glass Image Via : Pinterest While it sounds like an oxymoron, clear glass sunglasses have really caught on. We’re not sure how much protection from the sun they actually give as…

Parisian Summer Make-up

It’s sweltering, everyone is sweating buckets, but when this creature walks past you, she doesn’t even blink.
Picture perfect, sans blemish or stains, it it is a woman in Paris. Or rather, a Parisian woman. You know the type, ah, the Parisian woman.

The Hottest Department Stores In Paris

If you’re looking to get your shopping fix in Paris, look no further than les grands magasins or luxury department stores for those whose French is a little rusty. These department stores house all of your favorite luxury labels from ready to wear lines to accessories, homeware and even gourmet food markets and are a must visit for every fashionista. Here’s the breakdown of what to expect from each glorious location and how to find them!