Top December Events

We have escaped (for now) nuclear war, being run over by hurried Parisians (but not in 2016), and aggressive elderly people at the pop art exhibitions. And just like that, the year has somehow quickly ended with one month left to the horror film that was 2017.

Savory Saturday – La Epicerie

If they say heaven is a place on Earth, that this place in heaven is where love comes first, then we are convinced that La Epicerie, adjoined to Le Bon Marche, is that place. Between the wine cave on the basement floor, the bakery, the deli, the jam section, the water selection, and the variety of chocolates from around the world located in Aisle Never Leave (the unofficial name of the aisle given by us), La Epicerie is a gourmet gourmand’s final destination. Stocked full of foods and food good specialities from France and across the world, the sister store of Le Bon Marche is as high end as it gets. It is the Neiman Marcus of noodles, the Saks Fifth Avenue of salt, the Barney’s of your breakfast muffins. Yet there are mid-priced goods here which make for fun and adorable treats to pick up on a trip or…

Heloise as Coco

Heloise embodies French style and class as she takes on the role of Coco Chanel for Set In Paris Movie Tours. Heloise is one of many exceptional Coco Chanel guides for Set In Paris Movie Tours, this is her story. Home to a host of tours dedicated to your film favorites such as Sex And The City, Midnight In Paris and Amelie, the Coco Chanel tour is one of many but certainly not one to be missed.

Impression Originale

Image via: Courtesy of Benoit Martin for IMPRESSION ORIGINALE

Impression Originale presents a new concept to the industry of wrapping paper. Founded by Mathilde Habert and Claire Commeau, two French girls launched their business in Angers, France, carefully selecting talented artists from all over the world to design their papers.

Dior Exhibit

Christian Dior: Couturier of Dreams

Image via: Author

Housed under the sky scraping ceilings of the Museum of Decorative Arts, the Christian Dior exhibition marks the 70th anniversary of the house of Dior. Last Summer, Dior opened up their atelier on Avenue Montaigne for a peek behind the scenes, while this year it’s all about celebrating their past and present creations.