The Chic Girl’s Guide To The 3rd Arrondissement

Continuing our tour of Paris, next up we have the 3rd Arrondissement. Baby sister to the larger 4th arrondissement which dominants the Marais district, the 3rd dips into the upper Marais and back out towards the Jewish quartier. A former manufacturing hub, the 3rd is now considered a fashionable area to live in as well as being home to some fast fashion office headquarters.

The Chic Girl’s Guide To The 1st Arrondissement

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This month we’re starting off our Chic Girl’s Guide with the 1st arrondissment of Paris. Home to the former King, this rich and lustrous neighborhood is steeped in history and dipped in finesse. Don’t be shy, come take a whirlwind trip around the area with us, exploring the must see places for fashion lovers because being a fashionista is so much more than just shopping.