Provence is undoubtedly picture postcard perfect.  Filled with fields of lavender, artistic treasure troves and glamorous seaside towns. Of course the millions of tourists that flock there each year, stop to pause for the obligatory snaps at the tourist hotspots! Whilst a year in Provence would be dreamy, most just don’t have the time. Our guide strives to give you the lowdown on the best things in Provence, so you can maximize your enjoyment. The Absence of Color Many a traveller has ventured to Provence to experience the infamous light and color which attracted famous artists including Matisse and Van Gogh. Poppy fields and the deep purple lavender create beautiful landscapes, but there is also a beauty in the absence of color. Welcome to the Camargue Wetlands. In stark contrast to the traditionally perceived Provence, Camargue has a white washed landscape, filled with salt plains, rice fields…

Week-end Wednesday – Nice

The proper way to pronounce Nice is not how one pronounces “nice” as in the quality of something or someone being kind – Nice (nee-hsssss), nonetheless, is very nice and the epitome of the French and Italian border it straddles. Originally an Italian city until it voted itself into becoming French a hundred something years ago, Nice is the quintessential beach town packed with scenery, sea, and savory food.

Week-end Wednesday – Monaco

For a tiny royal principality on the southern coast of France, Monaco packs a real punch! The natural beauty is abundant, palm trees, deep blue seas and of course the well heeled glitterati who are sitting pretty on their billion dollar yachts! Upscale hotels, designer boutiques and shiny champagne bars! Having money in Monaco is most definitely helpful! Alternatively, set up camp in Nice and take the 30 minute train journey to Monaco! Make sure you check out our top five things to do! 

Week-end Wednesday – London

London calling with a 45 minute plane ride from Paris or a 3 and a half hour train? We are sold! Send us over to the land of tea, scones, and Prince Harry. A must-do weekend getaway in order to truly experience the city for yourself and see what all the hype is or isn’t about, our English speaking brethren are just over the pond and easily accessible if you’re based in Paris.

Week-end Wednesday – Dijon

You’ve probably heard of Dijon in conjunction with mustard, and while there is plenty of moutarde to be found, Dijon is also a quaint gothic city nestled in the east of France in the Burgundy region. The medieval and Renaissance past is all around you in Dijon, but it is without the groups of middle schoolers going on a field trip. You come to Dijon to do one of three things: stroll around the city, drink wine from Burgundy, and gawk at 13th and 14th-century art. For the wine lovers, there are multiple daily local buses which head into the smaller villages and cities nearby Dijon, as well as plentiful private vineyard tours of the Burgundy region. The imposing Palais des Ducs houses the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Dijon which has free admission and is well worth a stop (especially for those with slightly morbid tastes), though it is currently…

Week-end Wednesday – Nancy

You’ll be wandering the streets of the French city described by writer Marcia DeSanctis as “more Paris than Paris” when you visit Nancy in the Lorraine region. Rich with history and filled with dizzying Art Nouveau stretching from buildings to the minutest of details, this northeastern city is just about an hour and a half away from Paris via TGV and is well worth a weekend trip if you’re interested in art. This city is a hidden gem for art lovers wanting to venture out of Paris as there are two museums with extensive collections and not packed full of visitors as one would find at the Louvre or the Orsay, for example. Nancy’s history is intertwined with art as the city was host to the famous school for the art nouveau movement known as the École de Nancy in the early 20th century; you know those sprawling jade metro…