Continuing our tour of Paris, next up we have the 3rd Arrondissement. Baby sister to the larger 4th arrondissement which dominants the Marais district, the 3rd dips into the upper Marais and back out towards the Jewish quartier. A former manufacturing hub, the 3rd is now considered a fashionable area to live in as well as being home to some fast fashion office headquarters.


Getting Your Art Fix

Start with a tour of Musée Picasso and view some works by the pioneer of cubism including paintings, sculptures and his own personal collection. Obviously you’ll not be able to buy any of these masterpieces, so head on over to the concept store Merci after, for some pieces you can buy! Merci is home to fashion, homeware and bits and bobs you never knew you needed but once you’ve seen them, you know your life would be better if they were in them! From must have globe trotter trunk handbags to notebooks and headphones, there’s something here for everyone!


Cocktail Hour

When it’s time to refresh with a cocktail or a simple glass of wine, head on over to La Perle. While this normal looking bar may appear very average, this is in fact the very bar that designer John Galliano had his explosive viral rant in (you know the anti-Semitic one, yeah that one!) According to our sources he has an apartment not too far away so if you’re lucky, he might just pop in – if anything, it’ll be a great story to tell!

If you’re getting peckish, head over in the direction of the Marché des Enfants Rouge, one of Paris’s oldest, covered markets. Here you’ll find gastronomy delights from all over the world including authentic Italian, Indian, Lebanese and Japanese food among others.

Who Is The 3rd Arrondissement Girl?

The girl from the 3rd Arrondissement loves to mix her vintage finds with high end designer and just a touch of concept store chicness. She’s not afraid to experiment with her fashion but there definitely are some rules she’s not about to break, she still wants to be taken seriously. She knows how to work color in an understated way and always looks put together.


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