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 Next up on our tour around Paris is the 4th Arrondissement. Home to the heart of the Marais, the Jewish quarter and vintage stores galore, the 4th is extremely trendy and hip in a retro bohemian way.


Rue Des Rossiers

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 This famous street is home to some of the cities best Jewish food. There are any number of eateries to choose from but the one with the longest line and the best hummus has got to be L’as du Fallafel. Be prepared to queue whether you’re taking your order to go or waiting for a table, but obviously a take away order will be quicker. Customize your wrap by choosing the veggies you want sprinkled around some hefty balls of falafel, all topped off with hummus and spicy sauce if you like. This is the kind of wrap you’d probably rather eat alone in a dark room it’s so messy, but oh so worth it. Before you fill your belly with that delicious Jewish food, stop by COS for a minimalist fashion fix at the top of the street. COS is a medium priced fashion store dotted across the city and you’ll love their oversized yet tailored styles.


Ile Saint Louis

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 The 4th stretches across the river onto Ile Saint Louis where you can nip into the infamous ice cream parlor Berthillon for dessert. An institution in Paris, you’ll find Berthillon ice cream on the menu in many brasseries across the city but nowhere has as many flavors than their flagship parlor. The rest of the island is filled with interesting accessories boutiques, concept stores and family run restaurants boasting some of the best French food around.


Beaubourg District

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Spend the rest of the afternoon exploring the eccentric world of the Georges Pompidou. An inside out modern art and concept museum, the outside can’t be missed for its colorful pipes and the inside is perfect for anyone who wants to see some more conceptual art than what you’ll find at the Louvre. If you’re not too full from earlier, dinner at Dans Le Noir is an experience not to be missed. Here you can dine with others completely in the dark with a surprise menu. The waiters are all blind, so for one night you can experience what they experience every day of their lives. You’ll be amazed how much you rely on your sight to know exactly what you’re eating.


Who Is The 4th Arrondissement Girl?

The girl from the 4th Arrondissement loves to pillage the racks of every freep store in the area. Finding a vintage bargain is not just a hobby but a way of life. She is a trend setter not a trend follower and has her finger on the pulse of the city. She’s not afraid to try new things and will be the first inline at the Marais’s many pop up stores and hipster bars.

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