What April showers? All we’ve been experiencing so far in Paris has been plentiful sunshine and the vengeful return of Parisians crowding up our favorite canals that were empty just two weeks ago. On the heels of May and right before summer kicks in, here are three events to check out during the last week of April. 

  1. After a wildly successful run of showing some of Magritte’s biggest hits with painfully long lines, the Centre Pompidou is now hosting a new exhibition featuring the works of industrial designer Russ Lovegrove dubbed “Mutations/Creations”. Lovegrove takes on the ordinary to make it extraordinary in this exhibition, focusing on an environmentally friendly result. stanhttps://www.centrepompidou.fr

2. Foire du Trone – it’s the annual big fair at the Pelouse de Reuilly in the 12th arrondissement during this edition of the Foire du Trone – there are rides and attractions for the kids, gourmet and savory food offerings for the adults, and an idyllic setting for tout le monde to enjoy themselves for a nice day out at the park with the fair running until the end of May. Check out more information on the website: https://www.foiredutrone.com/

3. Superheroes seem to be very needed and necessary in our troubled world nowadays; perhaps this is why superhero and comic book adaptation movies have been such big hits lately and draw in wide crowds of admirers. Off the big screen and into big museums, the Art Ludique Museum in the 13th arrondissement is hosting a new exhibition titled “The Art of DC: the dawn of superheroes” running until September 10th. Be careful to pay attention to their opening hours and get tickets in advance, as this is sure to be a popular exhibition with all ages. – http://artludique.com/dccomics2.html


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