1. The churches in Paris are not only full of stunning architecture, but they also host some pretty cool musical performances. Just in time for Easter, you can hear performances of Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” at the La Sainte Chapelle church on April 16th, 28th, and 29th – https://www.classictic.com/en/vivaldi__the_four_seasons__handel__pachelbel_at_la_sainte_chapelle/16806/296378/ **Note: the “Four Seasons” are also playing at La Madeleine on April 11th and 16th: https://www.classictic.com/en/bach_s_sonatas___partitas_for_violin_at_la_sainte_chapelle/16808/296516/?fin=c8
  2. If you’ve had the opportunity to spend an extended amount of time in France or live in the country, you may have picked up on some oddities that just can’t quite be explained as brilliantly by none other than Paul Taylor’s #Franglais series on Youtube. Taylor is taking his routine of routinely making fun of the country and bringing it live for a run of shows at the Rentier des Halles throughout April. Be sure to check out his videos on Youtube to get an idea for their clever and entertaining spins on expat experiences in France.  https://lsdh.trium.fr/index.php/40/manifestation/12433
  3. Desert rose, ah lay ah lay, does this song ever randomly come up in your mind and get stuck in your head while you’re in the rush hour metro jam packed with live accordion music and grim-faced Parisians? Because it certainly does for us. A classic from Sting’s repertoire of hits, the crooner returns to Paris for a performance on April 12th at the Olympia in the 9th. Get tickets here, if you still can. If not, try LeBonCoin or your hippie friends of friends living in the 10th. The elderly bobos will know where to go for these show tickets. http://www.digitick.com/sting-concert-l-olympia-paris-12-avril-2017-css4-digitick-pg101-ri4315403.html

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