Nestled right between landmarks of French history in the east of Paris with off with their heads guillotine loving Bastille and weekly protest hosting Republique is an emblem of America and everything American: BBQ. That is, BBQ inspired by Texas, no less. We’re talking about the restaurant Melt located at 74 Rue de la Folie Méricourt, 75011. We’re not sure where else in Paris you can find flaky brisket that’s perfectly cooked and tender inside, or chili fries. Be warned that lines can get extremely long and when food runs out, it is truly and really out (do you really want to take possibly multiple metros only to be met with this unjust cruelty?). Founded by a duo of

Frenchmen who went off to New York and then found themselves hunting down the best barbeque in Texas (and then bringing it back home), Melt is one of a kind amongst the thousands of restaurants in Paris because of its menu where you can choose between American barbeque classics such as pulled pork, spare ribs, beef ribs, smoked chicken, and that delicious brisket we mentioned earlier. There’s also in house Bloody Marys as well as selected beers to go along with the hearty all American meal tucked in the middle of revolutionary Paris.

While France is not the country where appreciating your barbeque by licking your fingers will be understood as a gesture of enjoyment (but rather something to be scrutinized, judged, and maybe gasped at), the dishes at Melt are finger licking good. So you’ll just have to figure that one out while lost in the middle of cultural translation.

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