Instagram is a great tool for networking, researching and of course stalking! No, not the serious, following people home from work kind of stalking, you know the kind we mean. The kind where you have no idea who this person is (celeb or not!) but they have super cute kids, so you know, you follow them. When it comes to following people for their on fleek outfit inspos, their vacations and their general beauty, the market is flooded. Here’s four up and coming influencers based in Paris who we think you should be following for seriously beautiful images and fashion inspiration!

Elodie In Paris

 Image Via : Elodieinparis

 Elodie In Paris is a fashion blogger and fashion designer based in Paris. Her Instagram covers her adventures in the city of light, further afield in France and other travel journeys. If you love to see beautiful photos of fashion, outfit inspirations, food suggestions and seeing the changing seasons of Paris, this is the Instagram for you! With 80.5k followers this lifestyle account is one not to miss!


VuTheara Kham

Image Via : Vutheara

Cambodian professional photographer VuTheara Kham is based in Paris but also travels around the world on a regular basis. His Instagram documents the lesser known parts of the cities he visits, attempting to give you an insight into the lives of the ordinary and extraordinary people who live there. Follow his account for cinematic photographs of Paris and further that will draw you in and give you a snapshot of how a city works and the mentality of its inhabitants.


Jeanne Damas

  Image Via : Jeanne Damas

Model and designer Jeanne Damas is the founder of Rouje, a fantastic Parisian brand packed with Paris staple clothing. Her Instagram displays the hottest info about her fashion brand, as well as outfit inspos and glimpses of her travels. Fun and flirtatious, her photos are full of charm and wit as well as candid shots of her living her real life.


Louise Follain

 Image Via : Louisefollain

Parisian model Louise Follain splits her time mostly between Paris, London, New York and Los Angeles. Official shoot photos, behind the scenes modelling shots and scenic photography galore, Louise’s Instagram has 121k followers. Considered a Parisian It Girl, she loves to give makeup and beauty tips as well as showing her followers the ins and outs of what being a model is really like.


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