Fall is finally here and the endless sweaty metro rides are gone! While the sun might have disappeared for a bit, it’s the perfect opportunity to break out some of this seasons must have pieces for Fall. Here’s our roundup of your must have pieces for Fall that we’re seeing everywhere on the streets of Paris.

The Red Coat

Image Via : Popsugar.com


Red coats come in and out of fashion every couple of years but no other season calls for rustic reds the way Fall does. We’re seeing them in every kind of style from crisp and belted lapel numbers to loose, oversized parkas. It’s not so much about the shape as it is about making that crimson statement. Wear your red coat with attitude, Parisians are renowned for being averse to color but they will tolerate red. No worries for sticking out like a sore thumb as a tourist, just don’t pair it with a backpack and sneakers and you’ll be fine!

Funky Vintage Fur

Image Via : Vogue.fr

If red isn’t your color, you can always go with vintage furs. No frills or fancy details just a great looking vintage fur coat either in natural or very unnatural hues. The longer the coat the better. While popping into your local thrift store and picking up a bargain for a vintage fur isn’t going to be easy, we’re all about great looking faux furs, at least no animals are harmed in that process! Look for the best quality synthetics for a more luxurious feel and richer look.

Blinged Up Boots

Image Via : Whowhatwear.co.uk

Fall’s boots are all about that bling! From ankle boots to thigh highs, the hottest boots are encrusted with sequins, glitter and gems, creating a bold statement! Pull this look off by pairing your boots with less attention demanding garments like a simple metallic skirt and oversized sweater. The best thing about these boots is they can upgrade a casual outfit in seconds!

Victorian Collars

 Image Via : Greenlikebathwater.tumblr.com

Finally, the collar of the season is the Victorian. High necked and doused with lace or chiffon, these collars are demure yet sensual and carry an air of true opulence. Ideal for blouses or dresses with form fitting silhouettes, they are powerful and look flawless on days when your hair needs to be pulled back.

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