We suggest you tie together a trip to both Strasbourg and Colmar, though if you are short on time, just go to Strasbourg.

Colmar is one of those quaint charming small towns that makes you understand why a lot of thriller books about murders are set in quaint charming small towns. Yet the Christmas markets – les marches de Noel – should not be missed, and they run until the day of Christmas itself. You have 3 options to get to these Christmas markets:

TGV: trains are available directly from Paris to Strasbourg, though this is often the most expensive option. There are trains available to Strasbourg from other parts of France too, we haven’t forgotten. To get to Colmar from Strasbourg, you’ll also take another short train. Make the SNCF website your best friend.
BlablaCar: no strangers have killed us in co-voiturage yet.
Bus: but this will take hours.
(Bonus): have a friend with a car, bribe them with cookies.

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