In the 7th arrondissement of Paris is the unicorn of museums: not a lot of people, not a lot of lining up to do, not a lot of passive aggressive fighting for viewing space. For years, this unicorn has been a well kept secret of Parisians and savvy tourists who’ve made the journey to the Musee Maillol instead of heading off to the Orsay or the Lourve. Dan Brown certainly hasn’t written about this museum, but that’s all going to change now due to the POP ART: Icons that matter exhibition being held there, the Whitney Museum of American Art’s collection hopping over the pond. It’s been going on since September 22nd through the 3rd week of January (ending on the 21st).

Due to the immense amount of Facebook friends we’ve seen saying they’re going to this event (and these are people we’ve never seen RSVP for any museum related events), we can at the very least say that the publicity campaign for this exhibition has been very successful. It seems like everywhere we go, a red-headed woman in a Pop Art work is smiling upon us, nudging us to go to the exhibition. to us on a poster that this exhibition is happening. Getrude Whitney must be smiling from wherever rich people go when they die (if it isn’t hell); featuring sixty works spanning from the 1960s through the 1970s, all the heavy hitters of Pop Art will be on display, smiling or frowning in frames of dots from their graves.

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