For a taste of art in a more quiet setting (read: without the extremely long lines and extremely large groups of tourists), head on over to the Musee Jacquesmart Andre. Formerly the 19th century mansion (hotel particulier) of banking heir Edouard Andre and the painter Nelie Jacquemart, this eighth arrondissement gem captures the glamour of a Paris long past that makes Paris what is is today and what it will always be, unlike any other city in the world.

A visit to this museum is sort of like visiting two museums at once, actually. You get to see a relic of a home unlike any other (and one you’d be hard pressed to get into nowadays unless you’re friends with some Qatari princesses in the 16th arrondissement, maybe..), alongside a collection of artworks featuring Italian titans. The temporary exhibitions here aren’t bad at all either, and certainly worth a visit. An added bonus? When the rest of the world of museums are closed on Mondays, this place stays open!

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