A Few Niche Perfume Shops in Paris You Need To Know

Visiting some of Paris’s most renowned and up and coming perfume boutiques are a must for any fashion lover in Paris. From household names like Guerlain to the lesser known independent perfumers, there is always room in your luggage for a new bottle of fragranced elixir to take back with you. Here are some of the best names in industry you absolutely need to check out next time you’re in the city of lights.


Image Via : Jovoyparis.com

Founded in 1923, Jovoy was originally famed for it’s initial four perfumes which featured animal shaped bottles. Heady, musky perfume was the style of the 20’s and their rich and opulent fragrances worked perfectly for the era. Today, the shop has been given a fresh new feel as after disappearing during the war, Francois Hénin took the initiative to resurrect the once established brand. A modern twist on the stores rich 20’s history, you’ll not be disappointed with the delights on offer at Jovoy.


Image : Via Wgsn-hbl.blogspot.fr

As far as concepts go, Nose has hit it right on the button. How many times have you set out to buy perfume, to check out the latest scents and still walked out carrying a bottle of the same perfume you’ve been wearing for years? Every time, am I right? If you’re that girl, Nose is the place for you. Simply fill out their detailed questionnaire on their in store IPads including the perfumes you wear over and over again. From there, you’ll participate in a blind fold smell test, rating each one as you go until your exact preferences are determined. Your guide will then show you which perfumes would be best for you and the scents you enjoyed the most!

Ex Nihilo

Image : Via Bacoluxury.com

This is the boutique if making your own custom perfume sounds like a fragrant dream come true. Over at Ex Nihilo, you’ll be asked to choose from eight base note perfumes. Your chosen base note is available to purchase as is or you can go that one step further by choosing a complimentary raw material note to combine it with. Your own designed perfume will be made in store, right in front of your peepers, ready to take home that day!


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