It’s sweltering, everyone is sweating buckets, but when this creature walks past you, she doesn’t even blink.
Picture perfect, sans blemish or stains, it it is a woman in Paris. Or rather, a Parisian woman. You know the type, ah, the Parisian woman. Her style is so effortless, her look so chic, her hair perfect in the wind. She is the unicorn of the female species, and as much as we like ourselves, we also kind of want to be her. Channel your inner Parisian woman this summer with the three following make-up tips and ideas:

  1. Take care of your skin first and foremost by making sure it gets all the essential day and nightcare it needs. Be diligent with your moisturizer, washing your face, and applying the appropriate serums or vitamins at night. Your skin the base of all of the magic, and the Parisian woman knows this in every season.
  2. Your eye make-up consists of enough eye make-up to look like you aren’t wearing any at all. If you absolutely must, find a strong waterproof mascara. Don’t even bother with eyeliner for the next few months, since a good mascara should be doing all the work of opening up your eyes to let them shine bright.
  3. Choose a suitable lip color, and the bolder, the better. If you are going to rock a red lip, rock the reddest you can find. If you are going to do a neutral lip, find the most appropriate shade on you that you can. If you are going to do a blue lip, please don’t.

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