On a hot day in the city with zero breeze you’ll find two types of people in Paris; those who are a melted puddle on the floor, scooping up their makeup and wearing anything that won’t stick to you and then there’s the other type. The girls who look completely at one with the soaring temperatures, no visible sweat and they might even have a jacket on. We don’t know how they do it but damn, they look good doing it! So we’ve put together the key latest Summer fashion trends you’ll see these glandless girls wearing across the city and if the weather isn’t getting to you too much, perhaps you can take a leaf out of their style book. Image Via : Weheartit.com

The Blue Striped Shirt

Image Via : Suburbanfauxpas.com

Seen either as your average blue striped, button down shirt or in a more flirty way with fluted sleeves and some colorful embroidery, the blue striped shirt is everywhere. If you choose one in cotton, it’ll breathe easier and help to keep you cool, while the over sized versions can also help you to return to normal body temperatures.


Romantic Dresses 

Image Via : Laceandlocks.com

These lacey, tulle, floaty and feminine numbers are hitting the streets in rapid pace. We saw them at fashion week from Alexander McQueen and from Dior and now they’ve hit main stream. Fantastic for keeping cool, all that extra flounce and fabric keeps the sun off your vitals as well making you look like you just stepped out of a dramatic period drama! The best versions we’ve seen have cut out shoulders, nude, pink or floral motifs and finish either at midi or maxi length.


Backless Loafers

Image Via : Pinterest

One from Spring that’s staying for Summer is the backless loafer trend and you can thank Gucci for that one! Love them or hate them, your options are endless if you want to embrace this shoe trend. From neon tapestry to black and studded, furry, feathery or crocodile skin, backless loafers are everywhere! Truly popular for Summer, although they don’t let your toes breathe, they are the ultimate shoe for avoiding blisters!



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