Running between Monday May 22nd through Sunday June 11th, Roland Garros is the springtime event to be at and be seen at. If there is any tennis match setting in the world to beat this one, we’re waiting for it. Held in an incredibly difficult to access park in Paris, half of the fun of this event is figuring out just exactly how to get there. If you haven’t heard of Roland Garros before, you may be under the impression that it is a brand which produces fancy watches. In this respect, you are not exactly right though you will be spotting a lot of people in the Roland Garros crowd who portent (that’s French for carry and doesn’t have the -ent part pronounced) said fancy watches. Roland Garros is the French Open; that is, where people who wear fancy watches come watch top notch athletes battle it out. The prize sums of the matches can go into seven figures, and the French Open is known for being the most physically taxing of all championships like itself due to the setting and set up of the matches. And one last final fun fact about the thing itself: Roland Garros was a French aviator who fought in World War One and died a day before his 30th birthday. Guess only the good die young, or else there’d be no sightings of Rafael Nadal with his rackets.

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