If they say heaven is a place on Earth, that this place in heaven is where love comes first, then we are convinced that La Epicerie, adjoined to Le Bon Marche, is that place. Between the wine cave on the basement floor, the bakery, the deli, the jam section, the water selection, and the variety of chocolates from around the world located in Aisle Never Leave (the unofficial name of the aisle given by us), La Epicerie is a gourmet gourmand’s final destination. Stocked full of foods and food good specialities from France and across the world, the sister store of Le Bon Marche is as high end as it gets. It is the Neiman Marcus of noodles, the Saks Fifth Avenue of salt, the Barney’s of your breakfast muffins. Yet there are mid-priced goods here which make for fun and adorable treats to pick up on a trip or to take back with you as a souvenir from your time in Paris. If anything, you should stroll around the store just to take in the visual feast of all Who knew there were so many varieties of jams? Now you do. Now we do. Go to La Epicerie to discover them all, and try one or two.

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