Overlooked when compared to ready to wear, sunglasses trends are just as important to keep up with for a seriously on trendy outfit. Here’s the round up of all the trends you should be sporting this Summer in Paris, or anywhere else for that matter. Image Via : Songofstyle Instagram

Wooden Frames

Image Via : Thefullerview.tumblr.com

Wooden frames are having a moment right now and it’s not hard to see why. These beauties are great for the environment, look chic and don’t have to eat into your latté budget (although some brands may do!) Many of the wooden styles around at the moment are made from sustainable bamboo so you can shop guilt free and look stylish doing it!

 Clear Glass

Image Via : Pinterest

While it sounds like an oxymoron, clear glass sunglasses have really caught on. We’re not sure how much protection from the sun they actually give as their green and purple tints are so minimal they are barely noticeable unless in direct sunlight but we have to admit, they do look cool!

Round Lenses

Image Via : Imgur.com

Channel your inner John Lennon with this seasons round lens trend. Seen in uber dark styles, brightly colored lenses and with an added brow line like a spoiler for your shades, there’s any number of designs to choose from. We particularly love the white frame round lenses we’re seeing in the streets but there’s still something darkly alluring about an all black pair – even for Summer!

Mirrored Glass

Image Via : Favim.com

Finally, if you’re looking for a fresher, more dynamic and youthful look, look no further than mirrored glass. Favorite among the It girls of the moment like the Hadid sisters and the Kendall/Jenners, mirrored glass shades are all over the city in light reflecting blues, reds, yellows and pinks! Don’t be afraid to get a little creative and go for a bold style like a cats eye or butterfly style frame for extra oomph!


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