For those looking to continue their education while holding a job, OpenClassrooms offers just the perfect solution – a state recognised bachelor degree that offers open access thanks to MOOC. It has been created in partnership with IESA Multimedia.

With three areas of academics to choose from digital marketing, design and engineering, it offers all those who want to work as well as study a terrific opportunity. Of course all the course and projects have to be completed to earn a degree. The only difference with IESA is the course does not have a teacher. If you are working and find it difficult to balance your profession and academics this is just the perfect option. As the degree is recognised all over France, students are able to compete with the best of traditional college educated candidates for the best jobs.
Having to juggle between a job and academics can pose a challenge to stay motivated, while doing a MOOC course. The course’ creators have borne this is mind and have remedied this by offering a weekly video-chat with a mentor. This degree makes it possible for a school to admit more students and brings in more revenue.

In terms of cost it is one of the most cost-effective academic degrees with OpenClassrooms offering very attractive rates to sign up for the course. If you compare it to any other degree offered by the state it is considerably more economical to opt for. Students have to join the Premium Plus program that is affordably priced.

For those who cannot afford exorbitant annual tuition fees of a traditional college, this initiative by OpenClassrooms makes it feasible to learn as well as earn at the same time. You get more value for money spent, while paying less for a state recognised degree. It is one of the best open online academic courses in France. If you are a student who had to miss a college degree because of having to take up a job, you have a second chance at earning that much needed college degree.

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