In a digital world satiated with apps, there is a refreshing new app for fashionistas of haute couture, the swanky new ‘Selectionist app’. It is an app with a difference, as in the twinkling of an eye, products from the trendiest fashion magazines can be identified and saved for purchase at a later stage.

With bespoke customer centric service that helps to swiftly identify customer needs, it will help you meet all your fashion requirements, including accessories in the shortest time possible. So whether you are planning to get ready to spend a night out in town or get chic for a corporate luncheon, Selectionist has all of it and more!

It covers all the top fashion, beauty and deco magazines in a single app, something that surpasses all other apps! So whether you want a gown from a Hollywood movie premiere or a fashion accessory from Vogue magazine, everything is at your fingertips. Merci Selectionist!


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