The world’s biggest museum and second most visited, the Louvre is arguably the best known cultural institution of the city. Housed in the 1st arrondissement and housing over 38,000 pieces of art over an area of almost 800,000 square feet (you’ll never find real estate or property like this again in Paris, that is for sure), the Louvre was originally a 12th century fortress that became converted into the palaces housing the French aristocracy until the sun King (Louis XIV) set off for Versailles. Mona Lisa, Venus, and the Lacemaker all sleep here and play cordial hosts during the day. This museum is massive and we suspect a lifetime’s worth of exploration would still not suffice for getting around to everything it has to offer. Due to the extremely strict security, expect a wait, and then some more.

However, besides the art, there are multiple eating establishments in the museum grounds as well as an adjacent shopping area that can fulfill every consumeristic wanting once you’ve had enough of gasping at things you’ll never be able to buy due to them being landmarks of civilization.

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