Not to be confused with the eponymous Beef Club restaurant right next door to it, the Beef Club bar (located through the black doors to the left of the restaurant and formally known as Le Ballroom du Beef Club) is where all the stylish creatures of the night can catch a drink in the 1st arrondissement. While the stairs are only dimly light with candles and the bar itself is slightly more lit, if you can make it downstairs without tumbling into the dark night, you will be rewarded with incredible cocktails. As speciality cocktail bars in Paris have become a thing in the past few years, Le Ballroom du Beef Club was opened in 2012 by the same group of folks who run the Experimental Cocktail Club as well as other creative cocktail bars.

Here’s what you get the Le Ballroom du Beef Club: top notch quality ingredients, super dark lighting, Biggie blasting, and superb decorations when you actually can see something around. Don’t forget to look up at the ceilings of the bar which are intricately carved and date from a time in the buildings construction far older than your grandparents.

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