With its hallways haunted by the ghosts the likes of Coco Chanel and Marcel Proust (we wonder what conversations they have late at night together over a bottle of Bordeaux), It is no surprise that the Ritz rhymes with glitz. Sorry, but there isn’t a more cheesy way we can state the obvious that still captures the truth of the hotel that’s decked out in all the varnishes of its rich past. Situated in the glamorous 1st arrondissement of Paris (if the jewelry advertisements are true, love means you went shopping at the nearby Place Vendome for your anniversary), the hotel and its bars are a common hangout of the fashionable, powerful, and wealthy. This is the sort of place where you still have to wait for a place at the bar at 1:00am in the morning, but oh is it worth it. This is the sort of place where the drinks have their own names and the menus don’t actually have descriptions of the drink ingredients, but rather a line of what may be poetry underneath the drink title in translated English (which, to be fair, might be a deliberate aloof stylistic choice…maybe). When you spot the perfume bottles laid out on the bar, you will discover that they are filled with alcohols to be spritzed into drinks. The tastiest cherries dripping in black syrup are also to be found here, so ask for an extra one when you stop by. The Ritz bar is also a spot to be seen and be seen during fashion week, so don’t be surprised if the person sitting next to you happens to be in a tabloid or TMZ story you were reading the night before. Just don’t act super obvious about it, and try to sneak your cellphone picture from the most non-obvious angle (for this we recommend the BookBook phonecases, which will totally trick people into thinking you’re carrying around a little old book instead of reading celebrity gossip on your phone). When we think of the epitome of class, we think of Kate Middleton and the Ritz bar.

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