All the leaves are brown and the Parisian sky is gray, people will keep huffing and puffing on the metro just like ever, but with raindrops making the experience all the more pitiful than it was in May…well, we won’t keep trying to sign this tune, but hey, summer is officially over, Paris being Paris means some people you knew here may have ended their sejours and have left the country, you may never see them again, your nihilistic mood is on the swing – yep, pumpkin spice lattes are back and it is definitely fall in Paris. These are our picks for the top five events to check out in the city of lights and now layers as temperatures drop and the only refuge from a sinking depression is the ensuing weight loss that comes with it (your new coat will look just so damn good on ya!):

  1. Autumn Festival in Paris – ah oui, a festival about fall fusing together every aspect of the arts that merited your confusion as a young adult. Between the music, film, theatre and dance performances running all around the thirty plus locations hosting events for this festival, take a look and see what tickles your inner bohemian fancy. And then add some pumpkins and leaves to it.
  2. Head on over to the Fondation Louis Vutton for their new blockbuster exhibition (read: MOMA art in Paris) amongst their continuous roster of blockbuster exhibitions. This time, Santa brings New York to Paris via the MOMA collection so you don’t have to go to the airport and actually be burdened by all that the transatlantic journey entails. From October 11th to March 5th 2018, find yourself fighting for viewing space amongst aggressive elderly Parisian senior citizens flagrantly fighting you in some sick psychological struggle.
  3. If that wasn’t enough, pop on over to the Museé Maillol for the their POP ART: Icons That Matter exhibition pilfering from the Whitney Collection. Museé Maillol is kind of like the writer of this article: unattractive for many years until suddenly everybody wanted to get inside. Now the museum (like this writer) must struggle with the sudden influx of unwanted but encouraged attention as it discovers the powers of seduction, though it can’t have what it really wants right now: a scene involving it being filmed for a Dan Brown inspired movie. Between this exhibition and the Fondation Louis Vutton, if there is anything left to see in New York after this, we’d be surprised. Probably the only thing left to be seen in NYC between October and March 2018 now will just be someone puking their guts out in the Williamsburg station, but just keep moving forward, close your eyes, and imagine a warm soft baguette with French salted butter. Everything will be okay.
  4. Rolex Paris Masters – did you miss Roland Garros and consequently your chance to be in the Daily Mail or the 5th wife of an Arab sheik? Well, here’s your second chance at glory via an event involving people staring at balls being thrown around. Running from the 28th of October to November 5th, the Rolex Paris Masters is the Prince Harry of important tennis tournaments in Europe.
  5. No, the Fête des Vendanges is nothing kinky or for fetishists, though it kind of sounds kinky name wise, doesn’t it? Running from October 11th through thr 15th in Montmartre, this is the party of the quarter including wine tastings, food tastings, lights being light in some clever timed activities, talks, debates, inevitable criticisms, etc. Come out to visit this part of Paris inhabited by the ghosts of famous dead drunks who made something of themselves, eventually.

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