London calling with a 45 minute plane ride from Paris or a 3 and a half hour train? We are sold! Send us over to the land of tea, scones, and Prince Harry. A must-do weekend getaway in order to truly experience the city for yourself and see what all the hype is or isn’t about, our English speaking brethren are just over the pond and easily accessible if you’re based in Paris. There are also options to take some long buses (that also go overnight) for cheap. Whether you are hoping for a spotting of a royal family member or to hear those dashing accents, three must do events for a weekend in London include a cultural trip, a feast for the eyes from the top, and the best of the best luxury department stores

  1. Tate Modern: One of the largest museums in the world that has recently gone under extensive renovation and the furnishing of additional levels and wings to accommodate more people and more art, the Tate Modern is one of the most renowned contemporary and modern art museums in the world. Crowds flock to it and rightly so; admission is free, and the works of some of the best known artists can be found here. Fun fact for Cubism enthusiasts: one of Picasso’s biggest hits produced in 1937, “Weeping Woman” is housed at the Tate Modern. Take a further look at

2. London Eye: London on the ground is fun to explore with your own eyes to figure out the color palette of neutrals and browns all around; London from high on up looking around is even better. The London Eye provides a stunning and once in a lifetime kind of view of the city, so make sure to pop by. Be warned: lines are long and getting even longer, so this is an attraction you should plan in advance for. Pro tip: buying tickets in advance will result in a good deal of savings, especially as the summer season has kicked off in London

3. Harrods: there are luxury department stores, and then there is Harrods. This is all that we need to say. Actually, one more thing – there is also a Godiva chocolate cafe. It’s that excessive and luxurious. Browse at

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