The proper way to pronounce Nice is not how one pronounces “nice” as in the quality of something or someone being kind – Nice (nee-hsssss), nonetheless, is very nice and the epitome of the French and Italian border it straddles. Originally an Italian city until it voted itself into becoming French a hundred something years ago, Nice is the quintessential beach town packed with scenery, sea, and savory food. It also provides a good base for visiting the rest of the French riviera, and is easily connected to many places via a great public transportation system. Here are our top three picks for how to spend your time in this town.

  1. Promenade des Anglais -Rent a bike, go for a paddle, simply stroll, catch a speeding bus – you can do it all on this long strip bordering the sea which makes for a relaxing time. Stretching over 5km, the Promenade des Anglais is a key component of any visit to Nice.
  2. Vieille Ville (Old Town) – Ah, life like what it was supposed to be way back in the day – the old town portion of Nice is where you can have a gelato in narrow streets between one of the many stands, restaurants, and cafes. This is where Instagram dreams come true.
  3. Musée Matisse – To live and to die in France must be cool, but to be a painter in the French riviera is to be the coolest. Come check out this collection of Henri Matisse’s life and works housed at a villa perched with gorgeous views and right next to ancient Roman ruins. It is a small and quick visit with some interesting insight to the artist – read further at

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