Bonjour, salut, et hello: just some of the ways to say hello and welcome to strangers in the very special land of France. Most of all, welcome to our online lifestyle community in Paris, where we will be sharing the good, the bad, but mostly where to go and what to do . Everyone has a story for finding themselves here whether as a tourist or expat; the aim of our website is to help you in navigating all that Paris (and France) has to offer once you decide to come here to visit or live.  

We are a small group of  internationals that have lived in several countries and have now made Paris our home. We have spent several years in Paris and visiting the many beautiful cities surrounding it. We hope to share with you the many different aspects of everyday living, ideas, events, and more. A dizzying amount of history, culture, and tradition lurks around Paris and every city in France; it is easy to get lost amongst it and feel overwhelmed by it all. Whether you want to plan the perfect trip or find some hidden gems in the city you’ve already been in, we will do our best to provide you with quality and creativity with our content.

Our focus will be on lifestyle – from travel to food, fashion, and everything fabuleux in between, as Paris is amongst the cosmopolitan and cultural capitals of the world

There is a tendency to sugarcoat things at times about living in France- that la vie est belle, the cheese doesn’t stink, and everyone looks like a sultry Dior ad after their rocking one night stand the night before (the sex was just as good as their frazzled hair wants you to believe). In reality, living here has often required a demanding mixture of blood, sweat, tears, and stamps. We are here to liven the spirit and facilitate new ideas…

There are incredibly terrible moments in dealing with having a life here just as there are incredibly marvelous and aweing moments with having a life here.

Our hope with this site is to share, much like going out with friends for drinks one evening – we want to welcome you to the Paris we know and love and constantly complain about, and we invite you to share your experience along with ours much like you would contribute to a French dinner party with a controversial political or social statement just for the hell of it.