Let’s take a look at the statistics! A mere 1200 miles of sandy beaches, taking up thirty-five per cent of the country’s coastline. The sunniest coastal towns include Marseille, with 2801 hours of yearly sunshine, followed shortly by Toulon and Nice. Located on the Mediterranean coast, these beach towns definitely attract the crowds. Yet away from the glittering south, there are other fabulous beach towns to check out. image: Vol de la Touque, http://bit.ly/2qF3UQ5


From north to south, we have trekked the miles to discover our top five beach towns in France.


Trouville is both a coastal seaside resort and a charming fishing village. Fashionably irresistible during it’s 1800s heyday, the resort is now the holiday destination for families who are attracted by the many facilities including scuba diving, horse riding and beach tennis.


St Jean-de-Luz


Sporty types looking for surf, should base themselves at St Jean-de-Luz. Enjoy plenty of action in the water, backed by an old port with fresh fish and fiestas. The area is mainly unspoilt with a refreshing lack of tourist paraphernalia.


Le Touquet


If the British and French culture could ever collide, this is the place. Once a playground for wealthy Parisians, the town boasts a sandy beach flanked with art deco type buildings and colourful beach huts. Le Touquet once hosted Noel Coward and P.G. Wodehouse.  image: http://bit.ly/2scKjZN




Once a tiny fishing village, Dinard is now a popular Bretagne coastal town. Explore the narrow winding streets, filled with chic restaurants and shopping. Children will love the sandy beach.




If you love the beautiful south but crave a non commercial getaway, we recommend Porquerolles. Actually an island, visitors will find no cars and little development. Welcome to the Cote d’Azur of yesteryear. The small village is home to upscale pavement cafes, but with a relaxed atmosphere no longer found in larger southern towns…and you won’t need to pay for a pricey parasol!!!!!!!!



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