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Seeing as France now officially has a new president, we thought it was only fair to give you the scope on the new First Lady too! Here’s everything you need to know about Brigitte Trogneux and how to steal her style!

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 Brigitte Trogneux kept her last name so as easily as Madame Macron rolls off the tongue, you’d best stick with Trogneux if you ever meet her. At 64 years of age, it has been the talk of many discussions as she is in fact, 25 years the Presidents senior. More over, she was also once upon a time, his high school teacher! Regardless, they’ve been married for over 10 years so we’d like to think it was simply a case of true love against all odds, as opposed to a Mrs. Robinson situation! Most recently, she put her teaching career on hold to help her husband in his quest to become President and has been by his side as his aid ever since.

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Trogneux was born in Amiens to fifth generation chocolatiers. Today the family business is still run from Amiens by her nephew Jean-Alexandre Trogneux. 1974 B.M (Before Macron) Trogneux was married to André-Louis Auzière, a banker with whom she eventually had three children with. After becoming a high school drama teacher (the school to which Macron attended) she divorced Auzière in 2006.


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Signature Style

Every First Lady comes under the microscope when it comes to fashion and personal style. Brigitte sat front row for both the recent Dior and Vuitton shows so it’s a safe bet to say those are two of her favorite designers. Her style is often described as “modern” by many French publications and she’s been snapped multiple times wearing various shades of blue. Could this become her signature color? We said it here first!

Some of fashions most iconic moments have come from the First Lady’s around the world including Jackie Kennedy’s pink suit, Michele Obama’s final dress as first Lady and just about everything Carla Bruni wore, we hope to see much more from Brigitte as she embarks on her exciting journey as France’s new First Lady.



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