We all love to find off the beaten track places, but the problem with publishing your favorite areas are that they easily become well known and are a hidden gem no longer! Therefore it’s necessary to keep updating your list of must visit places and here is ours for 2017! Image Via: Cntraveler.com

A La Tour Eiffel

Image Via: Rueducommerce.paris

 Looking for a brasserie in Paris is like looking for designer labels on Avenue Montaigne, they’re everywhere! But distinguishing the great ones from the tourist traps can be hard with just a glance. A La Tour Eiffel on Rue du Commerce in the 15th Arrondissement is a fifteen-minute walk away from the tower itself, while far enough away not to attract too many tourists. Their menu of French staples changes with the seasons and you’re free to eat outside on the heated terrace or inside the spacious restaurant. Their classics include magret de canard, steak frites, and charcuterie boards all at very reasonable prices. Great service and a good selection of wines mean it’s not to be missed.

Nina Kendosa

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 If you’re looking for a fashion fix where everything you take into the changing room fits, Parisian label Nina Kendosa is the place for you. They have multiple boutiques across the city with their unique selling point being one size fits all. They carry a great selection of knitwear and unusual jewelry.


 El Rancho Dominicano

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Looking for a bar with something special? El Rancho Dominicano is located on the famous bar hopping street of Rue de Lappe near Bastille but its demure front is often overlooked. Once inside you are plunged into the tropical rainforest where you must push away foliage and netting to make your way towards the bar. A small space so if you want a seat, be sure to get there early! Their home made cocktail is as A typical as it gets and you’re sure to have a fun night in this over the top nook.

Il Sorrentino

Image Via: Bestrestaurantsparis.com

 Finally, for a sophisticated meal that tickles the taste buds but won’t break the bank, head over to Il Sorrentino. An Italian restaurant that specializes in food from Sorrento, they have the usual list of pizzas and pasta dishes as well as more delicate fish and veal options. Their pièce de résistance is their salted sea bass and chef’s choice of pasta. Both arrive at the table with a demonstration you’ll not be able to take your eyes off. The fish is hammered out of its salted crust and filleted in front of you, while your pasta will be flambéed and tossed into a giant cheese wheel before scooped onto your plate for extreme cheesy goodness.



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